• Adam Glew-

    Great service, really polite and helpful. Obviously you pay for what you get and with anything that is second hand is going to have marks, scratches or dents but nothing that is too drastic.

  • Barry Hough-

    BRILLIANT shop. Staff are VERY. Pleasant. Ive had new curtains new furniture antique lamps. If you know what your looking for you'll get great bargains.

  • Cat H-

    Nice big shop, lots of different items from bedding to mugs, dvds, sewing bits, books, soft toys etc etc. Recommend popping in.

Shopping with Horsham Matters

Horsham Matters is a Christian charity that aims to demonstrate love of our neighbour by relieving hardship through the provision of essential services (food, fuel and shelter) in order to make a positive, long-lasting impact on people's lives.

By supporting our online store we can continue our work within the Horsham District!

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